27/11/2015 Elections in Sofia Bar - probably next year

In accordance with article 82 paragraph 5 3A The General Assembly takes the decision that the Bar Council consists of 15 members, a chairman and six back-up members or 22 members in total.

27/11/2015 Lawyer Raina Avramova-Elandzhieva: conspiracy Games shake Bar

The lawyers’ advice has been equated to a usual mail – box. Lawyer Avramova, you won 130 votes for a regular and 210 votes for a back-up Attorney Bar Council member on 25th of January 2015.

08/10/2015 Clashes during the elections of new Sofia Bar management bodies on 25.01.2015 and 01.02.2015.

The Bar is a role model it has its obligations towards each citizen in particular and towards the whole society in general. The Bar cannot allow the gross violation of the will of its members and of the law.

26/04/2015 Resonance 26.04.2015: What from the required changed in the Attorney Act made lawyers and notaries clash

The changes required in the Attorney Act defend on the first place the interests of and are of benefit to the citizens and the legal entities which the Bar protects. We have to point out that the expansion of the attorney profession framework does not lead to limitations of the business activities of other entities because it does not explicitly prohibit some legal services to be executed by professionals who are not lawyers. This just provides the client with an opportunity to choose who to execute the different certification activities which on its own creates a competitive environment and only for certifications which should not be enrolled in the official register which will define and develop better the current certification services provided by the lawyers themselves. We do not accept as well the reproach that the lawyers could not be unbiased if they perform cortication services. In view of its powers the Court is the only unbiased body. All the rest – the notaries, the private bailiffs and the solicitors are by default exposed to a potential conflict of interests as they get always engaged by one of the parties. The increase of the criteria for Bar admission will not lead itself to a limitation of the access to the profession because it does not introduce a limitation of the number of people who could be enrolled as lawyers.