13.03.2018 The courage to stand up against the law and kill a thief in your word

The murder committed by Dr. Ivan Dimitrov, a Plovdiv criminal, that he had come in to steal into his home, he had a new force with passions that had been slowed down lately. Protests and sharp demands have led to a rethinking of the law on inevitable defense. Public opinion is set against the criminal in the specific case, but whether this is more than a dissatisfaction with the failure of the authorities to deal with petty crime ...

05.10.2017 National Justice Awards 2017 mission and responsibility

Thanks is necessity and duty, freedom and gratification, giving and humility .... So ... Thanks! Thanks for my world and the world in me! Thanks for all the other worlds because they make my world as it is! Thank you friends and colleagues for having!


Some time ago I thought, "What is a lawyer?" And looking at the interpretative dictionary, it turned out that the attorney was "a man of law whose job is to be a counsel for the defence in a lawsuit or to advise on legal matters." This interpretation made me to think of the "court attorney - the lawyer who is a party's legal counsel" and what the court lawyers actually do.

10.01.2017 Topic "Problems in divorce and custody"

Does determined the large number of divorces, our society as immoral? Ruff it should be and where divorce is actually the place of children in relations between the parents and grandparents?

28.12.2016 Is it fair Bulgarian justice.

Is it fair Bulgarian justice.