Some time ago I thought, "What is a lawyer?" And looking at the interpretative dictionary, it turned out that the attorney was "a man of law whose job is to be a counsel for the defence in a lawsuit or to advise on legal matters." This interpretation made me to think of the "court attorney - the lawyer who is a party's legal counsel" and what the court lawyers actually do.

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Does determined the large number of divorces, our society as immoral? Ruff it should be and where divorce is actually the place of children in relations between the parents and grandparents?

28.12.2016 Is it fair Bulgarian justice.

Is it fair Bulgarian justice.

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Mediatsiyata is a voluntary, alternative way of court settlement of civil, labor, commercial, family and administrative disputes and develop under the mediation. Mediators are persons trained by a certified by the Ministry of Justice organization and registered in the Register of Mediators.

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